Silent writers retreats in the heart of the city


About Us

Zenpens is an exciting new writer’s retreat based in Cardiff City Centre. Adapted from the Writer’s Army workshops lead by the New York playwright Anne Washburn, Zenpens allows writers to concentrate solely on their work in meditative silence.

Togetherness is a spur . The presence of other writers can allow you to work longer and more productively than you normally would and helps to move you through periods of inattention and malaise.

How it Works

Zenpens offers a one day silent writers retreats and silent morning retreats. No phones. No social media. No distractions.

Day Retreats

Meeting at 9:45 am for a short debrief and writing exercises, we start working in earnest at 10 am until 1 pm. An hour lunch. Then more silent writing from 2 pm until 6 pm.

Morning Retreats

Meeting at 10am for a short debrief and writing exercises then working until 12pm.

The most important rule is that everyone starts and leaves at the same time. It’s a quiet space, but most importantly it’s a space where everyone is working steadily together.

We also ask that people not work during lunch. Periods of not working and switching off completely are vital for overall productivity.



Paul-Robbie Stoyle studied Drama and Contemporary Theatre at Anglia Ruskin University. Since graduating with a Masters Degree, he has worked continuously within the theatre and cabaret circles of his adopted hometown of Brighton. He was awarded an honorary placement within the Brighton Fringe 2016 for his first short play. Since then he has worked with theatre companies across the UK, including Blindspot Theatre, WriteOn and Frequency Theatre.

How Much?

We don't believe money should be a factor preventing your creative progress. All money collected at the retreats are used to pay for the space and its upkeep. If you can, please pay the suggested donation of £8 or £5 concessions for a morning retreat and £15 or £10 concessions for a full day.


When? Where?

Next Retreat

Zenpens will be taking place on the 22nd June at 10:00am at The Quaker Meeting House, 43 Charles Street, Cardiff CF10 2GB.

Spaces are limited, so please email to confirm your interest.

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